Tory A 1957 Volkswagen Beetle 2dr Coupe

The Love Bug Rides Again!

My love affair with the automobile started at the age of 3 thanks to a very special Volkswagen named Herbie who had a mind of his own. From the moment I saw that car on the big screen, I was hooked. Way before I had my drivers license I was tinkering on old VWs. Fast forward a couple decades (and many more VWs) when I first got word of a real Herbie sitting off display in a warehouse in central Pennsylvania in a prestigious auto museum. For years, I inquired about the car only to be told Herbie wasn't for sale. Well persistence finally paid off, as I was able to strike a deal with the museum back in 2012 for the car. Herbie had definitely seen better days when I got him, but I had a vision that focused on preserving the car as opposed to a full blown restoration. I was very careful to replace only parts that were missing or required for the car to be operational under its own power again. I'm pleased with the results, as all of the damage from filming (most of which is very easy to spot in the movie) is intact. Of the handful of original cars lucky enough to survive from The Love Bug, this car (#10 of 11) is the only one that retains its original paint. Herbie even retains his original California Pink Slip still registered to Walt Disney Productions. I've never forgotten Herbie. The car I loved so much as a kid. And now I'm lucky enough to share my garage with a celebrity. Also a big thanks to Hagerty Insurance for insuring this very important piece of automotive history!

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    Loren B Ohio November 21, 2014 at 17:25
    Very jealous! I've wanted a Herbie from about the same age as you, and it's so cool that you wound up with a screen used one! I'm hoping to make one of my own soon. I liked your Facebook page; congrats on the score!

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