Raymond F 1966 Chevrolet Bel Air 4dr Sedan


Well here is the story but I really don't believe people care much about hearing it, Our yarn started way back when, 12/1967 I had a 1957 Dodge Custom Royal, I enlisted in the Army, I did it because I felt a need to do it, I look back now it was a Mistake, Due to The way Vietnam Vets have been treated by Govt. Leaders and some public. Oh well that is History, I had a buyer for the old Dodge but as luck would have it a few days B4 buyer was gonna take it I wrecked the car so, Fast fwrd. a few days, I took leave from my Job, went to Boot camp, * weeks later I graduated Boot camp, I did in 7 weeks what others did in 8 weeks due to spending a week in Hospital with Pneumonia, moved on to Radio operator school, then to Germany for a few months then to Vietnam in 01/1969, till I took a leave 12/69, While home on Leave I bought a 1966 white with blue interior 4 door sedan Chevy Belair, I was never one who chased after the Hi. Perf. Rides, Just wanted transportation. I was home 30 days went Back to Vietnam till 09/1970, Left car with a sis till I got home again, Was sent to Ft. Carson Co. to finish my final year in Army, While on leave in Sept My Little Sis hounded me until I dated her friend, I was 21 and thought her friend to young at 16, did not want to date her, but Sis was persistent and I gave in, We dated in the old white Belair while I was home, I took the car to Ft. Carson, made a couple runs back home to see Jennie, and ran up some phone bills, then one day while talk on Phone I blurted out that we should get married and she can come to Colorado, We she did not Hesitate with her answer, so In April of 1971 I headed home, We married on Easter Sunday evening , 04/11/1971 , A few days after we Wed, I traded the Belair for what I thought was a upgrade , A 1968 V W SQUAREBACK, Turned out to be awful little troublesome car, But lets fast forward to the year 2009, Our 2 daughters had grown up and married and wife and I were discussing our up coming 40th anniversary, One of us mentioned Maybe try find a similar car to one we had on wedding day and take a road trip in it, We never really took a Honeymoon, I was still in Army when we married, So Began the search for a white 1966 4 door Belair, After many leads and getting hold of sellers too late etc. we settled on a Blue car with plans to paint it white, Seller had recently repainted the car, but he not very Honest, Car had pretty solid Body and seller assured me the area at bottom of windshield was good, But the glass was scuffed bad, We bought the car, I took trim of around windshield to be ready for when Glass Guy install new shield, That is when I discovered the upper cowl was rusted away and had been packed full of silicon to hold trim in place etc. So I figured Might as well try fix it proper, Started search for parts or parts cars, Found one traded old Honda Motorcycle for it, Should have quit But I did not, Day after got parts car home we was out for a pleasure ride on Motorcycle 08/28/2010, Had a crash at a Bermuda Triangle for Bikers spot, Wife got Severe Brain injury, was seven months B4 she got to come home from Hospitals /Care facilities,Dr.'s had removed a bone section from her head, left it out five months, Put it back in, two weeks later did emergency Surgery, open head again due to a mass that as turned out was body fluids had collected under the Bone after it was put back in,For 5 months her right side would not move but after surgery to remove the fluid He right side woke up on recovery room bed when she woke up. Six weeks later 03/23/2011 she got to come home, our 40th passed 04/11/2011, we did not celebrate in manner as hoped for but important thing is , She was home and on road to recovery, The old Car sat in garage for a few months, In late 2012 we started talk about what to do, She still have issues but has come back quite a bit, I started looking for a body shop that would replace the rusted out upper cowl, after a bunch of phone calls and lot of ((We don't do work on old classics)) a guy with a shop 4 hours away in Md. said bring it in we will fix it, But as it turns out the Guy is a Liar, A Con Man A thief, So the car is now hang in Legal Limbo. It is the one in Primer in the Pix. A few weeks ago a sleepless night I was surfing google, punched in White 4 door 66 Belair for sale, and Auto trader websit listing poped up, showing one in Temple Texas, So Me being the Dummy, Sentimental old Idiot , I Looked into the car, after a few days kicking it around I bought it, The real big influence was fact that it is White 4 door blue interior, BUT ((ON TRUNK LID IS PAINTED A CRUCIFIX ) Well I guess I let emotions control judgement, I bought the car, had it shipped here, Turns out car had more issues than dealer had informed me of, A pal who works at a body shop local, knows the story behind the First car we had sent to a shop, He talked to his Boss and boss agreed to let him bring the car in to shop and work on it, They don't normally work on classics there, But His boss is a great guy and sympathetic to our situation. Maybe this #2 shot at a road trip in #2 car will come to happen, Maybe not, But I am now so disappointed and depressed that I would sell both cars and all parts to anyone interested, A Wash. D.C. Media Station ((WJLA)), called me a few days ago want to do a news article about our dealings with the Md. Body shop because it is in their area, so We will meet with the Station in a couple days, to see how they do their story and hopefully can put the Con Man out of Buisness, So He dont do it to others.

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