Jim L 1953 MG TD 2dr Roadster

It Took 64 Years

Cisco, Texas, 1950, Sunday paper came out. In the comic section, an add for a Dash Dog Food contest. First prize in this contest was a 1950 MGTD red roadster. I fully intended to win this beautiful little car for my own at the ripe age of 10. I dreamed of this pretty little car, but, someone else must have won. One year later, Ballinger, Texas, again in the comics, another Dash Dog Food contest, the first prize the same...Again, this now 11 year old was going to win this little beauty. And, again, someone else got to take it home.This contest appeared for 4 straight years, first 3 were TD's, 4th year was a TF.....This kid suffered losing four straight years. Never even got to ride in one of those cars......Fast advance to 2014, kid now 74 years old. Was playing on E Bay and saw this little yellow 1953 MGTD for sale. The love affair started all over again..only this time, to hell with contest, the car was purchased and delievered from Maine to Texas...Now, That 10 years old kid is having the time of his life, driving that 1953 MGTD, it just took 64 years for a dream to materialize. The kid, now also has a 1961 MGA 1600, hehe, but thats a whole other story.......

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