geoff h 1963 Mercedes-Benz 220SEb 2dr Convertible

Dealers lost friend

As a boy growing up from the age of eight,my brother and i would sit watching cars go by,name each one and the years made and its model.Each new car on the market we would go to the showroom and get a brochure It wont shock you to know that i became a car dealer, by the age of 22 i was dealing on my own account.At age 30 i took 2 years out and owned a pub, during this time i bought a Merc 220 SEB drop top.I adored it and sold it before emigrating to Cape Town in 1974. Here i went back into dealing and over to course of time bought drove many supercars, Lambo's Rolls Porsch, you name it i had them all, but the one car i regret selling was the Merc.At todays prices i will never own one again but we can dream.

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