Gary S 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2dr Coupe

We're an Olds Family!

I mentioned to the Hagerty team that I have yet to see a feature on the Olds line so I thought I'd get it started. Our family always drove Oldsmobiles and I still remember ripping down the street to my college class in my blue 1967 Olds F-85-a fast and sweet drive-never late for class. My Dad's heartbreaker was skidding on ice with his bright red 1967 Dynamic 88 and wrapping it around a telephone pole, but still driving it home to await the police who heard someone had such an accident. I saw my 1967 Cutlass Supreme in a car repair lot with a for sale sign on it and did a u-turn immediately to check it out. It was the same color as my F-85 and had been partially restored and modified into a 442 clone but with a 1969 350 Rocket V8, dual exhausts, column shift converted to a four on the floor but still needed the 4BBL. Solid frame and original interior very nice. A beauty that I owned the week after and have since upgraded the shifter to a 1967 console, added an Edelbrock intake manifold and Edelbrock 4bbl, new paint and pans and carpet and all the other upgrading that makes it a head turner when I drive it down the strip. And I am always told that although there's many a Mustang, Corvette or Camaro roaring around upstate NY where I live-there are very few and rarely seen Oldsmobiles. Makes me feel like 16 again!

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    geoff harding uk November 13, 2014 at 15:32
    my first ever Yank was an Olds 98 convertible back in 1970.she would wheelspin forward in second gear,the power was awesome,but fuel consumption was just too much to cope with.over the years i have had a few more american cars but the fond memories of the Olds remain strongest.

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