Jose N 1981 Datsun 280ZX 2dr Hatchback

Wife Christened My New Car

Life was good during the 1980's, the wife and my career were taking off and the kids were at the point where they can be left alone with Nintendo keeping them occupied for hours.

It was time for me to get a new set of wheels and my wife agreed after driving a Buick LeSabre for the longest time.

My wife knew I was a car enthusiast and have always had my eye's peeled for a good used Datsun 280 Z, a car I wanted since I was in high school.

I found a good used 280ZX at a new car dealership used car lot I have been eyeing for a few days. A Salesman introduced himself as "Cowboy" proceeded to show me the car and took me on a test drive. There was nothing cowboy about the salesman, he didn't have a Stetson and didn't wear jeans or boots. Nevertheless he was a gentleman and showed me all the features on the vehicle. After agreeing on the price, I was a proud owner of a car I wanted since my teenage years. It was white with gold trim stripes running along the width of the car and a red interior with a 5 speed and all the gauges.

When I arrived home my wife's jaw dropped when she saw me get out of the car. She said " I thought you were going to get something more conservative sporty, like a Yugo". This is coming from a lady that thinks a Chevy Spectrum was sporty. Not there is nothing wrong with those vehicles mentioned, I just couldn't see myself driving a vehicle that sounded like I was a problem with my bowel movement.

Later that night my wife was going to a company party and she wanted me to pick her up afterwards. when I arrived, I knew she had a few to many. I escorted her to my new used car and grabbed her head like the officers do when they put a arrest in the back of the squad car. She quickly "said this car is too low for me to get in". I told it's better once you get in.

As I arrived to my exit off the freeway my wife informs me my car is making her dizzy and had to use the lady's room. Before I reached the stop light at the bottom of the exit, my wife said " I'm going to throw up". Just as she said that I grabbed her top and put it over her face and she unleashed all over her top. I pulled over and took her top off. She only had her bra on as I tossed her top into some brush. At this time a California Highway Patrol officer was parked opposite where I was pulled over and saw everything that happened. I didn't see him pulled over and I thought I was going to get a ticket for littering. The CHP officer wanted to see if I was driving under the influence and gave me a sobriety check. The officer said stop and started laughing and he gave me towel to put over my wife's chest and told me to get out of here. As I pulled up to my drive way I started laughing of what had transpired, I was lucky that the mess my wife made wasn't to bad, but that is how my Z was Christened on the first day of ownership. Thanks for reading.

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    Joe Southern Ca. October 25, 2014 at 12:25
    Excuse the typo's and grammar, I accidentally hit send.

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