Pamela H 1966 Sunbeam Alpine V 2dr Convertible

Trying to buy that Alpine for over 3 years and then...

Hi. My name is Pam and I am a Sunbeam-aholic. Yes, I can now admit it. It has taken years, but is is well under control today. I have had many Rootes Group products, in various numbers, and various condition throughout my years. From 2 Tigers to a Hillman Husky, and a host of Alpines of almost all vintages. At one point in my life, I had over 20 cars...and 1 ran! Oh, come on, you have been down that road yourself or you would not be reading this!

So, oh brother, this is just one story of the hunt. The trophy was a 1966 Alpine sitting on a used car lot loaded with 40's and early fifties Cadis and Buicks all rusty and sinking into the ground. You know the place, they are for sale...until you want one and the old guy tells you collectors are after him for these gems but he knows better!

I asked about this solid little roadster amongst the royalty of Detroit, and, after the song and dance of how collectors ( the mythical beasts who run around the world looking for any piece of junk with pockets so full of money it is spilling all over the ground ) have offered an insane offer but he had turned it down. He knew better! Well, every few months I visited that little Alpine. It started to join it's sisters' decent into the mud. A few months more, the top started to pull apart. A few months more some rust started to creep up the rockers..... A year later, the price started to move down. After 2 years, the price was where it should have been before the Alpine started to dissolve into the earth under the drool of all of those " Collectors ". In year three, on a cold and wind day in Hell, the dealer gave me a price I could live with and, before a

" Collector " called to triple the asking price, I bought the poor little Alpine.

I dragged the hard won trophy home. At the time I was living with my folks in suburbia. A nice, very clean and stead, development on Long Island. At that time I had 3 cars all parked the only place available, on the street. I was not to popular, to say the least! I took a good look at the now sad little Sunbeam, took the sun visors off for my 1965 Tiger and promptly sold the car for what I bought it for. I did not need another car, nor did I have the room, but I had to claim my trophy! Over three years of " negotiations " and all I got was a pair of visors! This proves my point, I am a Sunbeam-aholic!

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    Geo N.J. October 23, 2014 at 08:29
    ...that's a great Rootes Group story...thanks for sharing!

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