Perry R 1988 Chevrolet Corvette 35th Anniversary 2dr Coupe

My dream car

I search the Internet for my dream car the 35th anniversary Corvette I found four of them one in Florida one in Minneapolis Minnesota one in New Hampshire and one in California.

So after doing the research and finding the Best Buy the lowest miles the car was in New Hampshire. so my girlfriend and I booked the flight flew out to New Hampshire and drove my Corvette back. What a beautiful ride going to New York went up to Niagara Falls into Canada up to Michigan to the upper Peninsula and into superior Wisconsin where I'm from.

It was a wonderful beautiful fall ride in late October it was also fun trying to get into the Canada without a register car. Overall it was a beautiful ride Lotta memories and something I will always cherish. We had some interesting Stories staying in motels traveling to Canada and just seeing the beautiful scenery

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