Phil g 1951 Seagrave Quad

My First real Fire Truck

My Seagrave, is the very first fire truck I drove when joining the Fire Department, in 1970. It was in service for a short time as it was 19 years old at that time. It was then placed in a reserve status until 1975, when it was sold to a small community south of us. I kept track of her and in 1989 that community was going to get rid of her. The Chief contacted me and I put in a bid to buy her. After the purchase, I brought the rig home (on Mothers Day) and gave it to my wife, so she would have to let me keep it. It took 3 years, and more money then my wife will ever know, to restore the truck. I have driven the rig many miles (Canada, WI, IL, ). The rig has the original V-12, which I rebuilt, and most all of the equipment is original. The picture is my wife, grandkids, and I driving on the Indy 500 Track, while we attended an antique fire truck show, in Indianapolis, IN.

The rig has been used in numerous weddings, parades, 2 Burn Camps for kids (Illinois and Indiana). The rig has also served some of the Firefighters, that worked with her, buy carrying them to their final resting place.

The Seagrave is still operational after 25 years of my ownership, and I have some grandkids who have vowed to keep her going when I can no longer do it.

The rig has been used on several calendars and feature in a magazine as well as in the book, "Classic Seagraves 1935 to 1951" (on the cover and at the end).

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