H Cameron L 1957 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

I got the Bird - In a good way!

Bought originally in Berkeley California (Golden Bear Motors) for $3600 in 1957 by friends of my Grandparents, it then came to Guemes Island in the early 80s. My Grandparents took care of the lady (the original owner) that owned it until she went blind and ultimately passed away. In 1989 my aunt and uncle bought it, and rebuilt the motor. In the late 90s and early 2000s, my aunt and uncle stored the car in my parents garage. When my parents were gone, I would take the car out (prior to having a license). I then drove the car to prom, to special events, weddings, etc. Since 1989 it only drove 1800 miles most of which was me taking the car out for a spin while my parents were out. Another decade or so went by and the car basically sat in my aunt and uncle's garage. They had been trying to get to to buy the car for five or six years because they knew I was really the only one that LOVED the car and was literally the only person that drove if since 1989. Having gone to college and worked hard for the past decade or so, I really didn't have the savings to get the car until this summer...via an ultimatum from my aunt that the car would be sold unless I came and got it. I bit the bullet, spent the money and picked up the car.

The car came with the original invoice, a special order car. From the bit of research I did, the car is rose (usually red) interior with white interior...this is fairly rare. Additionally, being a California car, it's odd that it came with an original set of snow chains!! I have the original AAA packet, numerous little trinkets such as a sterling silver pair of Tiffany cufflinks that the original owner bought her husband.

The few people that have driven the over the years state that it would stall, overheat, etc. every time they took it out. I have driven it all summer long this year and none of those things ever happen, even on longer drives. I like to think that the car likes me!

A couple other funny details about the car is that it has a foot pedal that rings a parade bell so its always funny to drive by people and ring the bell. The lady that was the original car, a San Francisco socialite, drove the car as her primary car for 20 years. Before she died, she supposedly told my aunt that the car LOVES to go 80 and that if we weren't going to drive the thing, sell it to someone who would.

I love the car and being 32, I love the looks that older people give me as I drive it to the Trader Joe's to get beer! It's just too fun. I need to do a few things to the car as I save enough money. The hardtop seal needs to be replaced, I would like to get the side skirts for the back wheel wells, and potentially have the carburetor rebuilt as it hesitates a bit when it's cold, but other than that, she does want to do 80! A fun and expensive hobby but well worth the grin it puts on my face every time I take it out of the garage.

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