Elmer B 1979 Lincoln Continental Mk V 2dr Coupe

How My Mark V Almost Became Junk

I purchased my Mark V brand-new in 1979. Through the years, it had performed flawlessly until the gear shifter broke off one day last year when I shifted it into reverse. After trying desperately to start it, I was finally able to drive it, going straight to the Ford dealership. I explained the situation to the parts attendant, and after he examined it, he said that that particular part was no longer manufactured. He also stated that I should go on-line to try to locate the part, or failing that, to go to a junkyard. I couldn't find the part on the Internet, so I contacted my mechanic friend. He inspected the broken gear shifter, and he stated that the broken pewter was irreplaceable or unserviceable after I asked him to weld it or jury-rig something using some other method. He then took out the broken gear shifter, and that's when we went ahunting in junkyards. Needless to say, our search was proving fruitless until we visited a Pick 'n' Pull south of San Antonio, Texas. There we found a few old Mark IVs and Mark Vs rusting away. We looked at the Mark Vs, but the gear shifters in them did not match mine. We were about to give up hope of finding it when we came across an old 1974 Mark IV. My friend and I looked at its gear shifter, and low and behold, it matched my Mark's! I asked him how it was possible that a 1974's gear shifter could match a 1979's, and he said that sometimes certain parts would show up again from an older model to a newer model. Anyway, my friend took the gear shifter out of the Mark IV after some hard, laborious work and installed it in my Mark. I was so relieved at our having found the part, because otherwise my Mark would have been undriveable. Also wish to say that I compensated my mechanic friend handsomely for his tremendous assistance.

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