Rick L 1952 Ford F-1 1/2 Ton 2dr Pickup

Grandpa's Truck

It was the summer of 1964 and I was with my Grandparents on their Colorado farm. I learned to drive that summer on the country roads around that farm in their 1952 Ford F1 pickup. I also spent the summers of 65 and 66 on that farm and continued to drive that pickup doing farm chores and any other reason I could come up with. While visiting us in California in November of 66 my Grandfather had a stroke and passed away. My Grandmother then moved to town and sold all of the farm equipment except that pickup since her car car was still in California and she needed it for transportation. The Family managed to get her car back to her by the summer of 67 and I again stayed the summer driving that truck around until I had to return to California for my senior year of high school. Grandmas plans were to sell the truck at the end of summer and I was able to convince her to save it for me and in April of 68 my parents and I made a trip back to drive it out to California. My then girlfriend didn't think much of it, remember her saying she couldn't be a lady in that old truck. Well, I still have the truck, don't know where she is. A year later my Dad was instrumental in replacing the flathead V8 with a 67 327 Chevy. (I still sometimes wish I still had the flathead). After marrying my wife in 1971 I continued to drive it until sometime in 1978 when buying a house and raising two boys (one more to come in 82) prompted me to to put it up on blocks in the garage until I could get back to it. Jump forward to 1988 and I pull it all down to just the cab on the frame. Prep it and paint it. Front fenders next, then the bed, hood rear fenders. This got me into 1989 and I installed 1975 Chrysler Cordoba torsion bar front suspension using the Gibbons crossmember kit and their rear leaf spring kit along with a 9" rear end from a 68 F100. In 91 the crappy gas finally got to the 327 and detonation broke a couple of rings and scored two cylinders. Ended up replacing it with a new 350 HO ZZ1 and a fresh TCI Turbo 400 streetfighter. Over the years not much has changed from this state. The paint has some road rash and the acrylic lacquer has heat checked on the hood. the two chamber Flowmasters rusted so I replaced them with three chamber. A Gear Vendors overdrive a couple of years ago and new upholstery last year. It could stand a redo, I tell people it still looks good from 20 feet. It has gone full circle and it is once again Grandpas Truck, only I'm the Grandpa now. It spends most of its time in the garage now days and I often wonder what my Grandpa would say about it. He liked his horse power in the cars he bought but the truck was just a tool to him. I remember a saying he used when he didn't see any sense to something, "what's the use". With all of the changes I have done to it I can hear him say "what's the use". I can also see the grin he would have when the right foot gets planted to the floor.

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    Gil Union city, Ca October 22, 2014 at 15:28
    Big supporter of the 1948-52 F-1 I have one. Love the family story don't get rid of it hopefully one of your kids will carry the torch.

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