Joseph H 1986 Merkur XR4TI

Got Lucky and found a honest man on Ebay.

I had worked for a Ford Dealership for many years and back in 1992 we took in a 1987 Merkur XR4TI with only 41k and I bought it and a 3 year warranty and Ford probably spent 6 times what I spent for the warranty in repairs since I was fussy and cars built in the 80's weren't high quality compared to todays offerings . I kept if for about 8 years but did not have a garage space for it and parts were getting hard to find since Ford wanted to completely forget about this car and Ebay was still pretty new back then, so I sold it. I bought a 1974 Mazda RX3 which I kept for many years but I couldn't really use it for longer trips. I sold that on Ebay and had no toys at that time so I decided to go back in time and find another Merkur XR4TI. I had bid on a few but didn't win any of them, which was good luck because a restore 1986 XR4TI done by Midwest Merkur came up on Ebay. I contacted the owner right away and we agreed on a price that was above were he started the auction at. I went to the bank got a bank check and when I came one someone had already bid a $100.00 more than we agreed on and I thought I lost the car. The owner stood by the deal we had because he wanted the car to go to a good home and being in my 50's he knew it would not be raced or beat on. I have been to Carlisle PA twice with it and have won a First Place and a Second Place in the Ford National Show. Thanks to a good local mechanic who specializes on Merkur's I can go anywhere with this car and connections with parts in Europe , this German Ford will be around a long time to come. So sometimes you can go back in time and find something you should of never let go in the first place.


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