David H 1971 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

An 11 Year-Old Boys Dream of Ownership

Back in 1971, my grandfather was the General Manager and partner in a Chevrolet dealership in New Orleans and I was an 11 year-old boy that loved to visit him at work whenever I was allowed. I especially loved the new model year events back then; introducing the new cars at an invitation only wine and cheese evening gala in the showroom. Of course what 11 year-old wouldn't love the new Corvette! I remember sitting in the fine sports car dreaming of ownership and driving on the lake front of Lake Pontchatrain with the tops off. I could sit in a Corvette on the showroom floor for hours at a time with hands on the ateering wheel and making engine noises.

Flash forward 43 years later and I happened upon a 1971 Corvette the same gold color as I remembered as a kid at a friends house that was interested in selling. It was in "good" original condition with 35000 miles AND had the big 454 as I loved seeing on the hood as a kid. So, I bought it. Upon investigation later I found out that this car was originally sold new from my Grandfather's Chevrolet store! Was it the same as I sat in back in those days, I'll never know (the store long ago bought and moved to the suburbs) but the idea that it COULD BE fulfills this now 55 year-old boy's dream and plan to pass it on to my grandson who loves it dearly. : )

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    James W MI November 8, 2015 at 10:06
    At 11 my dad was also a GM of a Chevrolet Dealer. My story is similar to yours. I sat in a 1960 corvette in our basement garage hidden there before the public showing. It was an automatic so I took it for a ride around the block. I was hooked and determined to have a corvette someday. I bought a 1973 454 dealer demo from the same dealership in metallic yellow and now in 2015 I am restoring it to running condition after it sat for 27 year.

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