Phil A 1946 Ford Super Deluxe 2dr Coupe

61 Bubble Top

First off I was only 15 but had a job helping out in a body shop ,cleaning ,sanding all the grunt work ,but a job As I didn't have my permit my mom took me to and from work .On one of those trips a car behind a garage caught my eye .A 1961 Chevy Impala on one of the trips I asked if I could ask about it so we stopped and I still remember the fellows name to this day but will leave that out as he has passed but a super guy who ran a speed shop in a small town in Ohio this was 1969 He said the car was for sale then the big question how much wow $200 well that does not seam like much now but a fortune for a kid making $1.65 an hour,We made a deal that if every Friday I would pay him $20 he would sell me the car By the way when we opened the hood it had a 348 3 deuces on it and a 3 speed with a hurst shifter .That ten weeks lasted forever but finally I made the last $20 payment and it was mine Just one small problem it didnt run ,but with the help of a good neighbor and a weekend drag racer it was soon on the road. I was the happiest guy around even when i kept tearing out second gear all the time and would go to the junk yards on sat morning pull one out and replace it for $25 Finall y replaced with a four speed A lot or memories it that car a lot of all the people that are passed on now my mom the guy Vern that sold the car to me and Leroy that got it running for me Now ever time i see a 61 I wish it was 1969 and I was replacing the transmission and wheeling it down the 1/4 mile I sold the car to a police officer who to this day still has it so I guess it went on to be someone elses dream car Thanks for letting me relive a little of my past and sharing

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