Scot D 1960 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

gone.. and then not gone

As a younger man I had stumbled on this 1960 corvette.. It was trashed and I got it running (Just barely) and drove it around Texas as my daily driver for about 12 years. As so often happens, I eventually needed money for school and sold the car for a few thousand dollars. Soon I came to realize what I had and what I had lost. Almost 30 years later, I was perusing for a 1960 vette to restore and found one that was in terrible shape that was in Nevada (Las Vegas). Heck I only needed a title and something reasonable to start with.. So, I made an offer and convinced the fellow to deliver the car to me.. Once it arrived I was surprised that my own name was on the title (apparently the car had gone from person to person and never was restored and never registered). Sure enough as we turned the old girl into a modern day supercar (retromod) I found archaeological evidence of my younger self (old pocket knife, pay stubs, etc) under decayed seats. How many times do you hear about that car that got away.. and how many times do you hear about 30 years later she returns to ya!

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