Jonathan L

Lynn Douglas 1969 mustang Mach1 428 Scj drag pack car.

I went to a Car show that a Friend of mine put on for Autism. While there I mention that I saw a nice looking Blue Mach 1. He mention that His Brother Joe had one in a barn. I called him and went to look at the car and bought it. It did not have a title . After researching the car and Getting a Marti report I found out it was a Rare One of 10 made 69 mach 1 428 Scj drag pack car. I then located the original owner in MD . Lynn Douglas bought the car new, Even though it was titled in his parents name for Insurance reasons. I had to call the Funeral home where his step mother had just passed away to try and find out if the owner was still alive. He was and he owned a Napa auto parts store just down the road. He called me and Could not believe that I had his old car. he also sent me photos of the car the day he bought it new. He also got me a license plate bracket and tag from the original dealer. Very cool story and great new friend!

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