Mike C 1953 Fiat 500 Topolino 2dr Coupe

Buying and building a Fiat Topolino Street Rod

I had sold my 30 A street rod and was looking for something different. There always Model A's, Nova's ect. ect. So one night I'm looking on Craigslist and found a ad in Northern PA. listing a 53 Fiat Topolino. One picture showing the rust covered body sitting on saw horses. I had never seen one in person, only in Hot Rod mag. Next morning I called around 8 and got answering machine, and I left my name and number. That night the owner called me and said, Mike, your the first one that called if you want it. I assured him I would be there Saturday morning cash in hand. Had to wait until weekend, as I live by Syracuse ,NY, so it was a ways to drive. All I got was body shell and hood. I built my own frame, installed front dropped tube Axel, narrowed rear end. Put in Chevy small block, 400 tranny, body work, wiring and a lot more. I finished it in about 9 months, registering on the road July 5th 2013. Two weeks later Gene Winfield was in Red Creek, NY, ( my home town ) to do his metal shaping class @ Barbers Garage. Gene said it was a real nice car, and rare to see on the streets. That weekend I drove it back and forth to the Syracuse Nationals all the days, and without any problems. Won a trophy at a car show the following month, and three more this year. I also went to the South Butler Drags twice this year and raced it. When I bought the car it was missing the back panel( spare tire compartment). I did some research and found a guy in Switzerland that restored Topolinos and sold parts. So I made a list of everything I needed and placed a order. That order cost more than the body ! He was also kind enough to make paper templates for the glass, so I could have the glass cut here.Every place I go people go, wow, that's awesome, what is it!! It weighs 1,900lbs and its a lot of fun to drive. So, dare to be different!! Its fun!

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