Thorne G

A Chevy Left Back In Time

it started way back when I was 14. Growing up around my late grandfather is what gave me the love of muscle. He used to work on them all the time. For years I hunted down a Chevy Chevelle. I tried to find one before my 18th birthday so me and my dad and my grandpa could work on it. I found her, an SS she was in rough shape but she was beautiful. But my father, grandfather and myself fixed her up and she was stunning. Sadly me and her parted ways in an accident, I was hit from behind at a red light and she was totaled. A week later my grandfather passed. She meant a lot.

Fast forward to a year ago. I just happened to be driving around up near oklahoma and drove by a house with a gorgeous 71 SS, black with white stripes just like my first one, Caroline. There was a for sale sign in the window, I just had to stop. I knocked on the door and out came a picture I hadn't expected. A little old lady about 4'9 and 80 years old answered. I asked about the car and how much, she said 14,000. My jaw hit the floor, the way that car looked I expected at least 30. I asked why she was selling, and she told me a story that hit me at my core. She said her husband had bought it brand new on November of 1970. He loved cars and he treated this Chevelle like his kid, and it showed. She said he passed away about a year prior and she couldn't stand watching it sit there and be neglected. I said sold! But she said there was 2 requirements. 1. Will you baby her like her husband did all those years. Done. 2. You have to name her after me. I asked her name, Charlene. And Charlene is stunning. She was built in 1970 in Arlington TX, the 1,118th to roll off the line. She still has her original paint, interior, all the papers, window stickers, manuals, receipts, protect o plate, build sheet. Even still had the original paperwork folder that the dealership gave them. 30,000 original miles, only one ding on the driver side door, she said got their when her husband was teacher her eldest to drive.

Boys, I felt the connection in that car and with that man, with my own grandfather. I knew the love one could have for a car. To this day, I kept my promise. I treat her like she's Marilyn Monroe, she's my pride and joy, always my favorite girl. She's my Charlene.

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