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Winter, eastern Pa, 1997, Answering a no heat call at a apartment building late at night, I met the building owner who was at whit's end with the previous service contractor who spent two days trying to repair the seven boilers. After I got three running we had to wait for the boilers to cycle and we started talking about hobbies. When I mentioned that I have several MGs his head picked up and said he has one in his barn, and its been there for about ten years. He asked me what I thought the value might be, thinking it may be the typical rust bucket so common in the northeast, and told him what I thought it might be worth. When he said $200.00 its mine it picked up my interest. He told me the barn had no lights and I would have to come in the daytime. Well it took several months for us to set up a meeting time. May 7th, 5:00 pm. As I drove down the dirt drive through farm fields I wondered how he ever got this GT down there with the ruts and high crown in the middle. Once at the house we walked out to the barn, and he rolled back the doors there at the far end was a car under a cover. Once I started removing the cover I started feeling around the for the usual rust places but found no rust. Original paint ,chrome and interior not in bad shape. I turned to him and said sold. After trailering it home it only took a short time to get the points cleaned, fresh gas and battery it fired right up. Of course it would not drive as he told me the clutch was bad, that's why he parked it so many years ago. After replacing the clutch and all the rubber fuel and brake lines and rebuilding the brakes, and replacing the tires I was able to drive the car. I still own this car, and kept it unrestored, and drive it a lot, it has a permanent home in my collection.

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