Thomas K

home again

In 1971 after high school I bought a 1970 Plymouth road runner, it was my dream car. but after a little over a I got drafted. I enlisted for three years. I was going to be in Colorado for eighteen mouths so I got rid of the gas hog for something with better mileage. I work for the public schools, a little over a year ago I was talking to a classmate of mine about our first cars. I told him when I traded my road runner in Rodney bought it. He said Rodney is up front . I asked if he use to own a road runner, he said he still had it, I asked him if he would sell it. He said he always wanted to get it running again. I asked him a lot about the shape it was in. About two weeks later he said he would sell it back to me for $2500.00 dollars, yes $2500.00. I bought it back tow weeks later, it had 41721 miles on it because in 1980 when they stopped making leaded gas he parked it. it sat for thirty three years. I got it cleaned up and running, buffed out the paint, it's in very good shape. and it is home again. Who by the way my wife and I dated in this car, we have been married 41 years. PS can't get pics to download if you want some send email.

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