Randy C 1928 Ford Model A 2dr Roadster

My Silver Penny's Re-Birth

When I was in the first grade for Christmas I got ice skates and when skating in the swamps behind my parents house and that's when I first saw the remains of an old Model A. When summer vacation came that year, I went back to the swamp and rescued most of the car, except for the frame because it was rotted into the ground. I brought it home and wrapped it in garbage bags, my dad thought I was crazy. Over the years I accumulated the parts I needed to bring her back at swap meets, junk yards and my good friend Dan Provost he had an early 28 frame with a title and that's what the body happened to be. So 4500 hours later I built exactly what I saw in my head when I was 7 years old. It took every extra penny I could spare, over two years to complete my dream. When she was done I started going to local car shows and have won over a dozen trophies. All the kids flock to her and have pictures taken behind the wheel. Isn't that the real meaning of car shows! For the younger people. After all car shows are just old men in very used cars because for me, all the fun was in the build, now the fun comes from sharing it with the young ones who otherwise might not get to see this history.

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