Tom L 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa 2dr Convertible

Special Occaison

In 1970 I broke my femur bone in a very serious accident. I spent 7 weeks in traction before being put in a body cast covering my left leg from waist to ankle. After the cast was removed I spent several weeks in physical therapy before learning that I'd be discharged. I was encouraged to get an ambulance to transport me home from the hospital. I phoned my parents with the good news & asked them to locate an ambulance. They told me they'd be at the hospital the next morning to pick me up. After having little success in finding an ambulance, my father decided to modify the interior of his 1965 Corsa convertible. The front passenger seat was removed & a padded 2" X 10" was installed - resting on the rear seat back & the front floor. With the top down I was able to get into the car with ease & lie flat on the "board" (with top up) for the trip home from the hospital. Two months later we drove from northern New Jersey to south west Florida in the same Corvair "ambulance." I still have the car today but the "board" is long gone. A "car search" resolved with enginuity!

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