Grant B 1965 Chrysler Newport 4dr Sedan

How I Rectified a Decade of Regret

My story is simple, really.

My buddies and I weren't cut from the same cloth as our high school classmates. They listened to pop music and drove new cars. We preferred classic rock, 30-40 year old music that felt brand new to us. We also didn't drive new cars. We preferred cars of the same era as our preferred music. So here we are, a bunch of shlubby high school guys in the early 2000's, driving our hot rods that we cherished deeply. We rumbled around town in packs tearing up the local roads and making more noise than our neighbors cared for.

Come senior year, with college on the horizon, we made a collective (bad) decision to sell our beloved cars to get more "practical" cars for college and beyond. While I still appreciate the practicality of a newer car, especially one that gets good gas mileage, I always regretted selling that car. I grew up in that car.

I spent the next decade casually checking local classifieds just in case it might pop up...never did. I even had a couple friends see it at different times, one of which actually flagged them down and talked for a bit. That never materialized into anything. The regret continued, but so did life and I always planned to get back into the hot rod game as I became more established.

That is until just last week. Here I was again, goofing around on the internet, cruising the classifieds to see what was out there...and I stumble upon THE CAR. It took some careful examination of the photos to determine that it was almost certainly my car. I call the guy, thankfully he still has it. I set up a meeting, determine it's my car without a shadow of a doubt and cannot contain my enthusiasm. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, and my enthusiasm definitely did not help in my negotiation leverage but I didn't care. It was my car and I was about to rectify a decade long mistake. I had the opportunity to no longer have "the one that got away". Now, it's a bit rougher than when I sold. Paint is faded, many more miles and a lot rougher all around, but wow it feels great to have it back in that driveway. It's already an eye sore and a looming project to which I do not have the money, but it couldn't feel better to have it back, hanging over me like a never ending money pit my wife will one day complain about often.

I wont make the mistake of selling this car again, that is for sure.

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