Richard R 1965 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Coupe

27 years later, request comes true

My story starts with my move to Calif. in June of 63. An exciting and freighting move for a young couple with a 6 year old. At least we had our 60

Lincoln to make the trip. Upon arrival in CA we settled in Fullerton, CA. While my wife started house hunting and doing the required things in a new

location, I reported to my new work assignment on the Apollo Program. Some kind of deal for an ole country/farm boy. With six years in the Navy,

two years of tech school and seven years at North American Aviation's (NAA) Columbus, Ohio Division. NAA's Downey Division had been

design and build the first manned spacecraft to carry men to the moon. What an honor! Thus the start of an outstanding experience and rewarding times ,

One of the most memorable events was when my friend and his wife came to visit with their new 65 BIRD. At that time I had a 64 BIRD and

was a number one T Bird fan. The 65 was beautiful car with many new features. During the visit, I made the comment to my friend that " If he ever

gets d of the car I would take it." WEII, 27 years later I received a call! It was my friend fin CA asking if I still wanted the car. With out hesitation

and with many thanks I said absolutely, send it to PA. With that I made arrangements to have the car shipped to PA. Only $700 at that time.

The car had all the maintenance records and showed 60,000mile. ( 160 true.) So had the engine rebuilt, repainted and all new seat covers,

head liner, floor and trunk carpets. LOOKED LIKE NEW ! Still driving, still garaged ! Still LOVE the old BIRD and best of all continue to stay

in touch with my 96 year old friend . Thus a lasting friendship with car and friend ! THUS,the 27 year request came true and the friendship



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