don n 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Sport Coupe

long time restoration

1970 I was living in Port Huron Michigan on process of restoring my driver a somewhat rusty 57 chevy bell air 2 dr,hard top looking for parts all over. I was in Imlay city Mi, say a 57 out behind a house there stopped to look at it and wow it had factory ac hard to find option.i went to the door and asked the gentleman what he was going to do with the old car out back. he stated it was just junk.i asked if I could buy some parts off it.he said 20 dollars and take what you want.

I took the ac system complete all was in good condition. a year and a half later I moved to California took all me car parts and my 57 with me.i was working I a chevy dealer as a mechanic at the time still trying to restore my rusty 57 and behold I found another hardtop in Burbank for sale it was a one owner the older gentleman asked 150.00 I could not go and get the money fast enough a rust free

one owner 57 hardtop 283 eng, with power steering that had 102,000 miles and ran good, but no ac but I had an ac system VERY GOOD DAY.30 months later I had taken the car apart. Put the ac system in it rebuilt the engine had my buddy a body man at the dealer I worked at do all the body work painted it black,rechromed bumpers new wide white tires I was all original what a joy it was to drive.sold it at auction for 10k in 1990. I sure miss it now. Don

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