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Finding the Inner Child!

I had purchased my first Volvo in 1973, it was a 144 model. I remember the first time I sat in it, I could see everything with great vision. It felt very comfortable. Hadn't really thought about Volvo's but remembered "The Saint" Roger Moore drove a P1800 and it was a very cool car. I really enjoyed driving that 144 but had this desire to always have a P1800. People knew that I wanted one and one day when I came back from vacation someone had left an ad on my desk for a car in Marietta, Ohio. I took the road trip with my Father and when I got there had found my dream car. We ended up driving it back and yes it needed work. The best part is I bought it on Fathers Day.

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    David B Greer SC October 24, 2014 at 20:38
    Gorgeous sport wagon; or "shooting brake" as the English say. Always wanted one of these, but ended up with one of it's offspring, a 2003 V40. I'm sure you will enjoy yours.

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