jerry m 1957 ford fairlane 500 conv

the year ford beat out chevie

i have been restoring old cars for 30 years, first it was a 51 ford 2 dr, then a 69 mach 1 mustang, but was looking for a 57 ford in all those years. going to see my ageing parents i would always pass this boat marinia that had some old cars, mostly fords, and there sat a 57 ford conv, it was a basket case, i stopped, looked and talked to the owner, he wantedd 19,000 for it, like i said, basket case, the wiring looked like a squirrel cage, lots of parts missing, everything needed to be rechromed, so i passed, but every week i would stop by and look again. well one week it was gone, he had sold it, for 17,000, so i started looking again, on the comp and old cars for sale, one day i saw the same 57 ford conv for sale again, and only for 13,000, he found out it was to much to restore. one day i went to Tim Hortons for a coffee and when leaving, a 57 ford conv drives by, very nice car, so i get on the comp and tell the people i worked with what i was looking for, and this guy says he knows of one for sale, its only 1/2 mile away and the neighbor next to the car for sale is a friend of mine, i go look at it and its the same car i saw coming from Tim Hortons, can't say what he wanted, the wife would kill me, says he can't start the car up until spring, but really its because hes not a repair car type guy, so i had to wait until spring, i did end up buying the car. it was in very good shape, but not restored, things had to be replaced, rechromed, clea ned up, a whole new front suspencion, etc. been going to car shows 2 or 3 times a week. it has a 312 eng, automatic, everything works, radio, clock, top, theres a lot more to the story, but then i would be getting into the day i got out of the navy, and had my choise of 2 57 convs or a plain 2 door. thanks for listening, jerry m

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