john b

the foot for the shoe

a couple of years ago I was looking for a donor engine for my 63 valiant....I wanted to be a bit nostalgic and different at the same time so I chose to look for a 1950's small hemi to fit into the car....after looking all over the local yards, I stopped at an old drag racier buddy of mines shop...he said - hey, I know of a hemi for sale - I thought it must be junk as he would have had it by now in his own pile of stuff - well, that afternoon away we went into outer Podunk in the sticks of upstate NY and found this 270 dodge hemi sitting in a nice, clean garage - it was mounted on a pallet and was runnable too... after listening to it, I asked the guy what he wanted and he said, 'I will take 200 bucks for it'....I felt like the pickers on tv - heart pounding, salivating, trying not to look as if I had found the holy grail, and before you knew it I had the cash-ola in my trembling hand, forking it over to the guy - I was now the proud owner of a rebuilt 270 dodge hemi engine ready to plant into my valiant....I have since traded the engine for a 392 hemi and still have plans to create a gasser out of my car - still gathering parts and hope to build it in the spring....what fun the chase is - guess that's why we do it!

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