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"Old man's car" according to my wife

An elderly gentleman told me that since I was interested in classic cars that he had an old Buick that had not run for ten years. He described it as a four door sedan, all tires flat, mice infested with the head liner eaten by the rodents. Rusty bumpers and trim. Leaking back window with moldy interior trim. No brakes and poor paint. With this description in mind, I was not anxious to drive an hour to check it out.

I would see the owner many times over the next year and finally just to be polite I told him I would stop and check it out. Boy was I glad I did.

The car was a 1957 Buick Super Riviera, two door hardtop in very solid condition. What's a few mice when you come upon a great car.

In short order we struck a very fair deal and the car was pulled out of the storage hut where it had sat for eleven years as attested by the state safety inspection. The brakes had frozen up and the power brake booster needed refreshing. A new headliner, shampoo and deodorize the interior. Re-chrome the bright work, complete tune up, detail under hood and trunk, repair back window leak and trim,new exhaust and a host of other minor problems and we now have a real nice driver. ( photos of repairs available )

This past summer we took the Buick on many weekend tours including a trip from Cape Cod and up north through New Hampshire and Vermont. We covered 1300 miles in four days with no problems whatsoever. The car runs like new, no play in the front end and it cruises well in excess of the posted speed limits. We enjoyed 14 mpg on the highway.

As my wife described it when it came home on the flat bed, it was an old man's car. She now enjoys driving around with me in this old man's 57 Buick Super.

Larry and Vivian Perry

835 Hay Road

Eastham, MA 02642

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    John Newell Pickering, Ontario, Canada January 14, 2015 at 11:23
    Thanks for posting this. I owned four '57 Buicks, 2 Specials, a Roadmaster and a Super identical to yours likely in ever respect complete with Wonderbar AM/FM Radio - before there was anything to listen to on FM. I owned these cars from 1967 to 1969. The Roadmaster was an ex-Funeral Director's car and would be worth a fortune today had it survived the ravages of rust. That car had options that simply didn't exist in any normal car. The Super was mint one the driver's side and completely rusted out on the passenger side. When I got it, no one had ever sat in the back seat. Unfortunately due to the rust it was too far gone to save. But it was a donor car for my 4 dr hdtp Special. That car was an adventure on wheels and I got mixed up in several police chases in it as well as helping catch a gang of thieves with the police. Hard to believe you could outrun the police in a tank like a '57 Buick but as you know, these cars were pretty quick. This car was also the car I tried using raw eggs to seal my leaky Dynaflow transmission. Half a dozen raw egg whites poured down the filler tube with the engine running and the transmission hot and it sealed right up when the raw egg whites hit the air as they leaked out. Sealed up perfectly. It would have stayed that way had I not used the car for drag racing.

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