Robert E

lost love!

when I was younger.My family and I lived on a ranch, farm in north West La. This was in the middle 70's .The summer of my 13th year. Was a banner year for hay growth.When we filled our barns.My pa gave the rest of the hay to our neighbors.One of our neighbors barns had a stall in the back covered with a U.S. Army tarpaulin.So I asked the old man what was under the trap.He told me to come back tomorrow.I got up extra early to finish my morning choirs.I was own old man's Davis's porch.Be four the roster crowd.He let me in, and led me to the kitchen.He sat me at the table.With hot black coffee ,cat head buttermilk biscuits, and Tom plunked gravy.If your not from the area I can't explain the gravy.Well he didn't say a word.Until he sat down.He started to tell me about his only son. That his mother had died in child birth.That he raised him. That it was just the two of them.till 1953 when his son graduated high school.He said that his son joined the army ,right out of school.that his son was killed in action in Korea.We finished breakfast .Got up.walked to the barn.He didn't say a word all the way to the barn.As the morning sun was coming up I could see his old eyes watering up,and hear him swallow hard.Like a lump in his throat.We got to the stall and stood their awhile.Before he said with a horse throat.I bought this new for my son for graduation.We picked it up a week be four he left for the army.He open the stall gate,and said.They don't make'um like this anymore.As he was pulling the trap back.He was telling me that this is one of the fastest cars in racing;1951,1952,1953.

I stood their frozen.It looked like a new Penney ,except that it was green.Mr. Davis said that he washed and waxed it once month,and started once a week. He said that he was getting to old to take care of it ,and that if I promised to take care of it .That I could have it.well old man Davis died two weeks later.So I volunteered to drive Mr. Davis to his grave.One last ride with his son before he would meet him up younger.Well a couple of years passed.the bank stole the ranch and I lost the most beautiful car that I have ever owned!!!A 1953 Hudson Hornet. Still had less than 3,000 miles on it.When the bank stole the ranch.

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