tanner y 1985 Ford f250 4x4 6.9 IDI

first IDI experience

Looking to find my first truck, didn't really have much money but had a dirt bike I wanted to trade.I found a 1985 ford f250, 4x4, extended cab, and under the hood was a beast of a 6.9 IDI diesel motor. He was asking $850 so I offered to trade for my bike. His response shocked me when he said he didn't want to trade, But needed his 4 wheelers fixed and if I fixed them the truck was mine. I went to look at the truck and the 4 wheelers turned out to only need the carbs cleaned. I've always loved diesels, so this truck was perfect to me. I fixed the 4 wheelers, got the truck home, put a new starter in it and some new batteries and it started right up and ran like a top. Best deal I've ever ran across. I never thought I'd get a 4x4 diesel for a first truck but I'm glad I did. Even better, the guy I got it from was the original owner, custom ordered it with a center console, leather seats, and a block heater so cold starts are never a problem. I'm not planning on getting rid of it anytime soon.

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