Bill L

The second one didn't get away

After I let a 49 MG/TC slip away, because I was trying to negotiate the price below our almost deal of $50.00 (this was in 1968), I stumbled across a 1954 Corvette. My wife and I were out for a drive in rural Alabama, when we saw this "red car" parked in front of a house with a "for sale" sign. The man said "$600", and I said "Let me think about it". My wife then said "NO THINKING; Give him a check.". Thing was, we didn't have $600 in the bank. But knowing that it took days for a check to clear, we bought the car, drove it home, and borrowed $600 from the Air Force Base Credit Union to cover the check. At the time I didn't know much as to what this find really was. Had the car for 46 years, and sunk lots of money into it. But now I'm not kiting checks to cover the cost. And my wife still lays claim to getting the deal done.

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