DUANE H 1959 Ford Skyliner

The midnight Skyliner

I live in western Washington, and was at a local swap meet when I saw a 1959 Ford retractable Skyliner in the car corral. It was totally complete and original, and everything worked. The interior was in fair shape, but the paint looked almost new. The seller was the second owner, and the first owner was a farm couple in eastern Washington. For some reason she sold his favorite pickup without telling him. He was upset of course and to pay her back he sold the retractable to the guy I bought from. The only stipulation was that he had to come in the middle of the night to pick it up. He pulled it off and owned the car for twenty years before selling it to me. The car still has a dealer decal on the back that says Waterville Wa. auto sale. I have some paperwork on the car, a dealer key chain, original keys, and the second license plates. Lowering the top always brings a crowd, and I get a lot of waves and smiles went I drive it.

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