Todd Y 2004 Chevrolet SSR 2dr Pickup

The Winter white sale.

I was looking to buy a New Camaro in 2010. I went to GM page to build my own Camaro. When I was done. The GM page said none were available in my area. Closest was almost 500 miles away. So I went to get some lunch. Picked up the supermarket cars for sale weekly post. While eating my lunch. I found my Dream Car. 2004 Chevrolet SSR. I called & set up appointment the next day. Sunday I drove to dealer to check out my find. In all her glory & Snow. I looked at her & went for a test drive. I went to the Credit Union & got my Loan. Had to wait 3 days due to snow storm. I went on Thursday to pick up my SSR. Funny thing was I was at a Cruise in & a 2010 Camaro. parked beside me. Red LS options with a V-6. I asked his were he got my Camaro from? He laughed. I told him my story of how I bought a SSR for $17k instead of $24k Camaro. He told me were the dealer was. I again told him that was were GM said the Camaro I spec out was. Any ways I got a almost el Camino with a convertible top. Love my instead of a Camaro I bought a SSR & am loving it.

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