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The Firebird I had to give up.

Hi, I bought a 67 firebird in the mid 80's from a good friend of mine. He had been working on this car for several years and had a beautiful engine built but could not get the job done. It became a bit of a nightmare for him and I never really knew he had this all going on till one day I went to his house and asked him what was that sitting over in his yard all dusty and rodent ridden and he started to tell me about this car. So I have some mechanical ability and asked him if he wanted to sell the car and he thought about it and we made a deal. So I got busy and had it running within a few short hours of time and he couldn't believe it and was almost not wanting to sell but our deal still went through because just because I got this car running there was still lots of work needed. So I got the car home and did some more work and soon I was able to drive it regularly. Now this firebird still had plenty of cosmetic surgery needed some mechanical, like breaks etc. but the motor was fantastic. So that's how I drove it for a while and not having an abundance of money to work on this firebird it just stayed the way it was for a long time but very drivable and I did go through the brakes so the car was safe to drive.

Then one day I got this wirehair ideal to start some restoration but not really knowing what to do I just started taking it apart around the dash and the lighting system. And this being the age before the Internet just not the resources available like today. So after I had began what I thought was something needed it got somewhat complicated and the money needed was becoming to much at the time, so I had to stop and kind of lost interest with the overwhelming challenge as to what it would take to continue. So there my firebird sat now covered in my yard. I didn't have the resources and got very busy with my business. Years passed and sometimes I would go out and think that I would begin again and look at it and would become discourage and also no garage to house while working on this firebird. Just a single car garage which I needed for my work truck. So it sat then I got married and then we decided to move 900 miles away to a property in Oregon with no home garage anything we were going to build a home in time. So I left my firebird behind at my home in CA which I rented to a relative. So the car sat and my wife kept bothering me to sell it and I would always say NO. But she persisted and finally I did and I was very regretful for this and it and it bothered me everyday. And my wife knew it did because I was a bit annoyed that she persisted until she got me to sell it when I clearly did not want sell. Then she said why don't you start looking to see if you could find another 67 firebird and I thought really, are you sure I should do that and she said yes you should. So I found a web site, I forget the one site but you can enter a search for the car you are looking for and it will email you if an add was found and to my surprise within a few short week a 67 firebird in Portland, Or was for sale. So I called and we made plans for a trip there to look. The firebird was in good shape and drivable. So we made a deal and I rented a car carrier and brought it home and with a little more work it was on the road for regular driving. I was happy and even though the paint job which was fairly resent it wasn't the best but looked clean. The interior was completely refinished and looked great. The firebird needed in time other restoration but nothing major needed to drive for fun. I bought this car 2008 and even though it was drivable we live 15 miles from town so it cost some money in gas to drive and with gas prices I couldn't drive to much. Once a week to every other week.

There is also the "Back to the 50's: week here in Grants Pass, Oregon every year that we enjoyed driving in the cruise/parade every year. The car is now running great. I did have a situation that occurred at the "Back to the 50's" cruise this year. I had gas vapor lock and the car stalled, it was a hot day. So I sat for about half an hour and finally got it running and then smelled gas but before I could pull over and stop fire broke out in the engine and put a damper on my event but I got the fire out very quickly with minimal damage and had it running again within a few day and have also since fixed the vapor lock problem but I still need to have the hood repainted though you can't really tell it has been burned unless you got right up and looked at the hood. So I am enjoying my firebird and Hagerty Insurance paid for all my repairs it was a seamless insurance claim Hagerty was very quick to take care of my claim. I have plans to get the hood repainted soon. That's my story. Thank you, Steven Taylor

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