Bernie A 1986 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

The Find of a Lifetime Fulfilled Thru an '86 Corvette !

Since I was young, and saw a local car guy's Corvette, I have always dreamed of owning one.

Could not afford one in high school, or in my college years, and when I started working and got married, life came first.

During my working career I was always on the lookout for a Corvette, but never came across the "right" one. We travelled to Florida for many vacations, and always went to car shows, where I hoped I would find the perfect car. Didn't happen !

I dreamed of finding a "basket case / barn find" car and restoring it, but a friend who owned a body shop in town pointed out all the potential problems with going that route ( time / money / parts / aggravation ).

When I finally retired after working 32 1/2 years, I decided I would make a "real" effort to finding the perfect Corvette. Though other things kept popping up, I looked and searched.

One night, I was scanning ebay for the "millionth" time, and came across a very low mileage 1986 Corvette convertible, which appeared to be in excellent shape. After many emails back and forth with the owner, I decided to bid to see if I could buy the car.

My wife and I placed several bids, and were watching and waiting for the auction to end, and both could not believe our luck when we were finally the winning bidders.

We immediately contacted the owner, and sent a deposit. We were able to call and discuss the car and terms of payment.

It truly was one of the most exciting times I have ever experienced, looking forward to going to pickup the car, and since it was so close by, to drive it home.

When we arrived on Long Island to pick up the car, I couldn't believe my eyes ; the car was indeed in as excellent shape as the pictures had shown and the owner described.

He went over the car with me, and showed me all of its features, which all worked perfectly.

He and his uncle, who had bought the car originally, had done an amazing job maintaining the car all those years, and it was in all original shape.

I had brought along my neighbor, to make sure I did not forget any questions, and for another set of eyes so my wife and I would not miss anything.

I was very nervous starting up the car myself, and driving from his driveway alone. I stopped several times along the local streets to check all the gauges and listen to the car hum !

The drive home took longer than normal, but that was because I was enjoying the car, not rushing at all.

When I finally got back home, we again looked over the entire car, and found nothing wrong or unexpected at all.

My wife and I took the car out so she could also feel the car, and we loved the ride.

Every time I now go out into my garage, I love removing the car cover, and drinking in the look of the car before starting it up and driving it.

It feels great each and every time, and knowing I finally found this Corvette is an unbelievable feeling that I hope all car lovers one day also get to experience !

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