Ray S

Sometimes you just can't convince someone to sell!

When I was a kid, I had a cousin that lived on a large ranch. I would visit nearly every summer and run the hills and had some very fond memories there! One day about 35 years later, I was in the area and decided to take my wife up the gravel road to show her where I used to hang out as a kid! I didn't know who lived there then, but figured that all they could do was run me off so up the long driveway we went! When we got up to the house, I got out and introduced myself and ask if I could walk around with my wife and show her some things.. They were very receptive to my request and we started our walk! The old house and out buildings were very run down and as I walked by the old garage, which had a large wooden door on it, I glanced that way! The door was about to fall off and I could see some red showing through. I could not control my curiosity so walked over and peaked in! I almost fainted as I saw a 1967 Camaro RS, SS with stuff stacked all over it. It was all stock except the old Cragar wheels! To make a long story short, I could not convince the people to sell it. I have been there a few more times over the years but to no avail! No sell! That's my story

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