Jeff B 1951 Mercury Mercury 2dr Sedan

Nascar Driver's Merc

In 2007 I went to check out a '48 Chevy a former Nascar driver had. It was nice but I saw this Merc sitting near the back wall. I asked if it was for sale and Nascar's " Charlie G" cranked the old Flathead up. It had been given a frame on rebuild in 1978 and was in amazing condition. I bought it ! I drove it around locally for a couple of days, checked things out and then took off for a 1000 mile trip to my house in Florida. I stopped at Coker in Chatanooga and had them replace the 1978 dated bias tires with a new set of radials. The only problem I had on the trip was the old radiator cap letting go. I found a small shop in Southern Georgia that had the low pressure cap in stock.

My arm was about to drop off by the time I got to Florida from returning all of the waves. People were hanging out of their car windows, blowing their horns and seemed almost as happy as I was. It was a trip I will never forget.

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