Timothy J O 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

My great 1 owner barn find!

In August 2012 a guy I know told me about an old Corvette a guy had that he had done some work for a few years back. I got the address and couldn't sleep that night from excitement. Sure enough it was a 1 owner 66 Corvette Coupe. It only had 25k miles and was all original with full documentation right down to the licence plate screw envelopes. It turned out that Bob (the owner) has Parkinsons disease. I made him an offer and he shot it down. I made him another offer and he said we can talk about it later. I took a liking to Bob and he to me and I kept going back atleast once a week. I would help him with small tasks on his other cars to gain knowledge and to make things easier for him. Winter came and we spent our afternoon a week just talking mostly. The Corvette was always on my mind, but there were weeks it was never mentioned. He then started coming to my house once a week for pizza and my 3 year old daughter took a liking to him also. We would sit and watch Chasing Classic Cars when he was here, because that is a great show. He told me in Jan. 2013 to bring him the money and I could take the Vette. Well, then he wanted to wait till spring because of the bad roads and he had only had it in the rain 1 time its entire life. I could tell he really wasn't ready. Again the car fell off the radar, but our friendship grew. I found myself helping him clear his drive when it would snow and helped him with his yard in the summer. I got him to start coming to some of the local shows and even Carlisle a few times. Well, when we talked about the car it just never seemed right and I started to care more about how he felt than how bad I wanted the car. So spring 2014 arrived and nothing changed much, he just wasn't ready I thought. Then in September 2014 one evening when I was there instead of watching a movie or working on something he wanted to find all the items that went with the Corvette. We took all the documentation, dist. shielding, original dist., plugs etc. and placed them in the car. Now I started to think the timing was getting close. Well Oct. 11th was the day! I met him early that morning and went to the bank. We had lunch and my dad met us back at Bobs house to dig the car out. After about an hour we pushed the 66 out and it saw the sky for the first time in decades. After a good wash it cleaned up real nice. About 4pm my friend brought a trailer and we got it to his garage and started working. About 1am Oct. 12th my friend Joe, Bob and I called it a night. We met that afternoon and finally got that 66 running once again. Bob followed me home and I asked him if he was ok about all of this and he told me he was actually having fun because he really wanted to see his 66 back on the road. I made him give me a $1 bill, I placed it in the glove box and told him he always owns part of this 66 and it will bring our friendship closer together.

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