Joe R 1963 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

My 1963 and 1965 Corvette's

My first Corvette was a 1963 convertable I had bought with my Dad to restore.

This car was great fun for us both and created a bond between us.

We use to race home from work for the first one home would take the car out for a ride.

We had pretty much taken care of all the mechanical issues which in turn was a real chore since every time we took it out for a drive something else would break.

We finnaly got everything tuned in to a fine running machine.

A friend of mine who lived around the corner from us aproached me one day and asked if I would sell the car.

He was the Promotions Manager for the Rolling Stones he wanted to buy the Car, have it finished up (Body work and paint) and then was going to give it to Kieth Richards for his Birthday.

I sold him the Car and he did what he said he would do.

I had moved away to Florida and hadn't herd from him in years then Facebook came about and we gained contact again.

He said the car was a little run down and Keith gave him back the car, He then in turn had the Car totally restored and sent me pictures.

I tried my hardest to get him to sell me the car back, I had great memories of this car with my dad who had passed away a couple of years after I had sold him the Car.

Unfortunitly for me he would not let the Car go.

I then found my 1965 Corvette coupe which I purchased out of Texas which I do love and will never sell.

My real dream would be to have my 1963 back well who knows maybe someday my dream will come true.

The Silver Car is my 65 The black one is The 63.

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    Karen Esposito South Florida October 22, 2014 at 10:12
    What a great story. To have sold a car that ended up with Keith Richards owning it Wow!. I hope one day you can get your amazing car back.

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