Calvin G

Molly Rescue

I saw her for the first time five years ago but did not know we would become friends. Two years ago my daughter asked if she could buy a vintage Beetle when she turned 16. I immediatly remembered the little Beetle I saw sitting in a field years earlier. The friendship began. I knocked on the farmers door and asked how much he was asking for his Beetle. He said it had been sitting there for 20 years and that if I removed it that day it was mine for free. Wow! Later that day a friend and I winched her onto a trailer and placed her in our garage. The former owner said she was a race car at one time with a Rotary engine from an RX-7. Cool. My daughter named her Molly (Herbie's sister). It took 18 months to get her back on the road, she is as close to the day she was born as I could repair her. Part of our family forever!

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