Keith K 1964 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

Love is... a wife that wants your dream care more then you.

I've known my wife since 8th grade.... not dating just obnoxious acquaintance. I was obnoxious and she knew me. But we did share a common bound.... love... not for each other yet.... but for our dream care. A 1964 mustang.... a classic mustang. I got my love from early memories of climbing all around a white interior blue 65 coupe. I remember standing in the seat holding the steering wheel pretending to drive.

We both longed for our own. We searched.... looking at 66 coupe with a 302 crammed in with the test drive scaring us both as the car leaped in the air. Almost settling for a 67 red coupe that we later found out was a bondo nightmare.

In 1992, my wife greeted me at the door with our local classified ad book, Uncle Henry's and a phone #. We found our Mustang in Maine where a Kid had taken it from a Barn UNDER HAY in Mass. The kid was a chevy man and his uncle said he could have the mustangs in the barn. So the kid loaded the coupe and asked his uncle were was the other one? he said it was there.... it was buried completely under hay. It came out not perfect for all intact. Because it was frozen in time. The bumper sticker from the Bicentennial 1976.... attested to if being covered then. The dash wasn't warped the motor all their.... even the interior was complete with console. Yes the floor board and inner rockers where gone but with a little love and lots of cash... all could and would be fixed.

We bought it with out getting it running for $2,500 by time we returned to pick it up..we were offered more money. After getting it home found the numbers all match and was a True 64 built April 1 number 6276 with 056212 miles. Raven Black with Power Top, backup lights, and 260 motor.

So next time you see us at a car show.... don't come up to me and start asking all the details about it... I will just smile and point you to the real expert. My lovely wife..... who without her I wouldn't have my dream.

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