Ric M 1959 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

Less than $500

I was living at home and going to school at the local community college in 1970. I was driving my deceased step father's car. My mother started making noises about it being her car and I needed to get a car of my own. So I started looking in the paper and saw an add for a '59 corvette for $500. I had spent part of the previous summer helping a friend and mentor restore a '60 corvette. It seemed like fate.

I rushed out to see it. It was we'll used. There were several primer spots. But I knew I could fix it up. So I set about the task of getting together $500 before they sold it to someone else. I only had about $300 in savings. So I convinced my dad that I should use some of my college money because I needed a car to go back and forth to class. He emptied the small account I had. But I was still a little short. I made up the difference with coins from my piggy bank.

The process of getting the money took two days. I was afraid the car wouldn't be there when I got back. But it hadn't been sold. As I was counting out the money to complete the transaction, I got down to the coins. The seller took pity on me and said forget it. So I think it was about $497 I paid for it.

I've kept it all these years.

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