joel s 1959 Edsel Corsair 2dr Convertible

If you think Edsel's are rare - try finding a set of spinnne

My Edsel convertible was a vision of beauty in it's vibrant turquiose and cream color scheme. It drove like a luxury car and was often the victim of curiosity and ridicule. Most people had no clue of what is an Edsel and who made it. The ones with knowledge of the car were quick to point out the grill. I thought that is resembled a horse collar but others were less kind. It was a thing of beauty except for the wheel covers were drab and without any pzzaz. While wandering in a "collectors" bran with with remnants and items that no one wanted or even cared about, My eyes landed on a pristine set of 4 Edsel 1959 spinners. After a non too strong negotiation, I gladly paid $50 for these gems. We shinned them, painted the centers the original turquois color, and proudly mounted them on the wheels. My poor rejected vehicle was now a thing of beauty and stature. Less than a week later, a kindly gentleman stopped me and offer 5 times what I paid for the car. He said that the shinny spinners really caught his eye. I'd say that this was darn good return on my $50 investment. I miss the car but greed won out.

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