Ryan U 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible, 350c.i. V-8

I got keys to a convertible!

When I was in high school, I was in marching band. It's harder than you think, 3 nights a week, Friday night football games, Saturday competitions, 2 out of your 3 summer months. So we had 120 people in the band, & after practice 1 night as everyone leaves, I'm 1 of 5 (responsible people) who stay behind the extra 30min to clean up props. As I'm coming in, I see my dad standing there, usually he stays in the car to pick me up from practice. I didn't think anything of it, was too frustrated being 1 of 5 (out of 120) who was being responsible.

So after I put my stuff away, I meet back up with dad & we go outside. He points to some car under a street light, pulling keys from his pocket he says "I bet these keys work on that car." I said "why?" He said "because they came with it!" At first, all I saw was the "old car front-end" of the Olds, as I got closer I see a red 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible with a white interior. I couldn't bring myself to ask the question (for fear of the answer he borrowed the car), fortunately a near by friend asked "whose is it?" Dad said "ours". I asked if I could go "brag" for a minute. Dad said yes & I went running into the school yelling "I got keys to a convertible!"

Little did I know my dad had that car hidden next door for a month. We'd been looking for a classic car (for me) for years. Getting the weekly auto-swapper became a ritual as did who could find the most interesting car for the best price. As it turns out, my parents had gone for a drive through a neighboring town's historic district. As my dad was showing my mom a particular house, this car was being put out on the lawn a few houses down. There wasn't a for sale sign, but mom said they should take a look.

Apparently the owner had recently moved up form Tennessee (where the car was from) & after buying the house & putting in a new green house, he needed some money. After talking a bit, my parents thought it was perfect, although as the man was selling the car instead of giving it to his college son, my dad told the gentleman he was buying it for himself instead of his high school son.

That was 15 years ago this month. Still have the car & remember that night like it was yesterday.

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