Dick D 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 2dr Convertible

History Found!

I am the original owner of my '67 Camaro. Back in '67 I spent the day detailing the car and I remember that my dad took a picture of me. The picture was long lost and forgotten. After my dad died I was looking through his slides and found the slide of that 1967 photo. So back in 2009 I went to the house where I grew up and asked the owner if he would take my picture in the same setting as the '67 photo. He was very happy to help and attached are the 2 photos.

When I show my car at shows I have a binder where I show the pictures and tell about the car, the makeup of the car, what was "rehabilitated" in 2007, restoration pictures, a pix of the Protecto-Plate, a pix of Camaro Skis (remember them??). But the thing that people love about the car and the story are my notes under the 2 pictures. It says, "Same Car, Same Driver, Same Driveway, Same Yellow Shirt, just 42 years later". And, it REALLY is the same yellow shirt and I place it on the passenger seat at the car shows. My wife has thrown the shirt out many times and I rescued it from the trash. Also they get a laugh at the tree behind the car.

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