John F 1967 Pontiac Firebird 2dr Convertible

Garage Find! 1967 Firebird droptop - Not driven since '78

It is late summer 2004 and a small ad in the local paper advertises a Firebird Convertible, no other data just a phone number and price. I call and it is answered by voicemail so I leave a message. I wait a day or two and again voicemail. No response so I forget about it. About a month later while clearing my desk, I come across the ad and figure 'why not try one more time" but you guessed it, the call goes right to a voicemail. I leave a message again. No response. 6 weeks later while changing airplanes in Atlanta my cell phone rings and it is the guy selling the Firebird. Turns out it is an estate sale and he gives me the number of who is in charge of the estate.

A week later when I am back home I find out the car is only 30 minutes from my house so I take ride. It's in a garage in the back of a house, 3 tires flat, mouse nest under the hood, but as I look at it I notice the NYS Inspection sticker is from 1978, so is the registration. The oil change stickers match the mileage and the date. This car hasn't been driven since 1978- 36 years ago! They tell me it's been parked here all that time.

The estate is that of the original owner, the car is very straight, not much rust with a good deluxe interior and a good top. I buy it not knowing if the original OHC six is any good and flatbed it back to my house. There with a hot battery and a filing of the points it runs, on 36 year old gas! It still is not restored, it's just a god driving old firebird that get lots of attention on cruise night. I'm glad I tried that number one more time!

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