Logan C

Coming Out in a '77 Plymouth...

It was the best of times when I decided that I would re-enter racing again after a 15-year absence, but doing so as an openly Gay man has created friendships and new alliances that I never thought I'd seen. It all started with my first car in the States, a 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury coupe, this was a car that re-ignited my passion for all things Mopar, since my 1975 "Canadavan" Dodge Street Van. But this Plymouth was kinda special. Other than the V -6 powered "Super Breeze" I created, the Gran Fury cemented my old confidences again as I drove through the streets of Lacey and Olympia, picking up upon my Mopar-lust, I decided to see if I could connect the LGBT and the Auto Racing communities, and also return to Racing in Canada and the States. This was something I didn't do since 1974. But I made the decision that I would return as more than a usual Certifiable "Car-nut", but as an openly Gay man. It caused a number of questions, but in the end I thought it'd be the best thing to do. My purchase of my '77 Gran Fury stoked up most of those fires. A car that had me re-establishing my enjoyment of driving again (even if it was a big V-8 six-seater!) and got me to re-understand the foibles and complexities of driving and being myself. This had eluded me in the past and in the cities I lived in, but the Northwest had the positivities and confidence that lost me in the years, but I've not given up upon. I started connecting with clubs and started building my Custom Car shoppe, organising my LGBT racing team, and started to link up with the NW chapter of the SCCA, and saw the added strength of hitchin' my wagon to my late-Great Uncle's company, the Chrysler Motors Group, Ltd. As I decided to race in Pro solo with a '15 200S, and a Dodge Dart GT. My confidence raised a bar up that I've NEVER thought I'd reach, but learndt quite well to exercise and add to my increasing celebrity status as an activist. I remembered the teachings of my friend Tim Richmond, and I applied it to my adaptive driving repetoire, as I improved I re-obtained my enhanced driving licence, and started to see if I could get back the feeling, which I did! But with a "seasoning" of age, which didn't dull my sharpness. Now I do things full force, and I do what I expect to do. And my Plymouth does me well outside of any other car I owned... I even placed an equality sticker on my rear bumper to cement my connection to the Human Rights Campaign, and race a 200S in their colours. This has me seeing the future with New eyes, and believing that I can do anything, and doing it as a whole.

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