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Best 500.00 i ever spent!

Making a long story short is an art.Mt friend had bought the bus and in the meantime found a later model type -4 transporter. He was in the islands and needed cash. The collateral was the bus when he got back home he'd give me my 5 bills and get his ride back. Well in the meantime he decides to send his other newer bus via boat to the islands. On the way the captain encounters a storm and 5 tons of lumber let loose on deck and flatten his bus! Good news was he had it insured with Hagerty's and they made his loss not as difficult. He arrived back home thinking he wanted me to have the bus so i got 1 heck of a deal for 500.00.Had Hagerty's not been in the picture i probably would have never gotten the bus, she's been mine for 16 years and every time i get in her and bump the switch she gets me down the road. At 47 years young she's a runner and a stunner and will out last these new cars that everyone seems to be driving now a days. There only a handful of us enthusiasts left that's why some cash for gas would be sweet!

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